An Effective Method of Clearing External Blockages

Breaking blockages into smaller pieces for removal

High pressure water jetting is an effective method of clearing external blockages, and all our vans at Clear Rod are fully equipped with industrial van mounted jetting units.

High pressure drain jetting is conducted within our teams by placing a high-pressure hose into the blocked drainage system. Water is then pumped down through the hose from our fitted van jetting machine, creating a steady stream of water that is powerful enough to break down any congestion in your drainage system. This pressurised water creates a force that can break blockages into smaller pieces. This leaves the blocked drain clean and helps you maintain it for future use.

Root Intrusion

Deal with tree roots quickly and comprehensively

Root intrusion in pipework can cause many problems, but this can be effectively removed with root cutting equipment. In some cases, you may not be able to prevent this issue until it is too late, sewer camera inspections are realistically the only way to stop root intrusion before it occurs.

Cement and cast-iron pipes can deteriorate much quicker than others, making them extremely vulnerable to root intrusion. If a root does enter this type of piping, it is often a good idea just to replace the whole thing with a more durable option. Our expert team have the knowledge to deal with tree roots quickly and comprehensively. We can offer hydro jetting services to completely remove the roots and restore any damaged pipelines, without causing any unnecessary headaches.


Specialist teams in drainpipe descaling

De-scaling of the drain is carried out with heavy jetting and scale cutting machinery to restore the pipework to its original bore, ensuring free flow. Overlooking small blockages, stains and corrosion may lead to major drain repairs costing you large amounts of money and inconvenience.

At Clear Rod we have specialist teams in drainpipe descaling. We use high pressure water jetting techniques and advanced hydro-jetting equipment, capable of cutting away hard scale deposits from your drains. By using these industry standard techniques and equipment we can remove scale build up without the need to dig around your drainage system and pipes.