Renoline Qualified Installers

Structural Lining and Excavations- where defects or damage to drains/pipes have been identified, we can provide free estimates to repair or carry out structural lining, a proven and established method of placing a new pipe within an existing damaged pipe, which is an effective way to deal with the problems and avoids the expense, inconvenience and disruption of excavation.

If your drain system has endured cracked pipes, root ingress damage or allows water to escape, then our professional team can help with any no dig structural drain relining repairs to get your drainage systems back in correct working order. Structural lining repairs are beneficial to help form a barrier against water ingress and root penetration, as well as reducing the friction in your pipes to potentially increase the flow rate.

Our fully qualified team can help with patch lining to help maintain your drainage system and to reduce the risk of potential serious issues in the future. We can help with efficiently repairing any small cracks or holes in your pipes using patch lining to ensure your drainage system is up to standard and is working correctly. A range of lining options are available depending on your needs and any size pipe can be repaired using structural lining.
We can use our CCTV surveys service to assist with identifying the issue to help advise you on what work would be necessary. Structural lining is a non-invasive excavation alternative that can effectively repair or replace damaged pipes.
For excessive levels of damage, we can help with full excavations by replacing your existing pipes with new pipes with as little disruption to your property as possible.

Our operatives are fully qualified installers of the ‘Renoline’ tm system and are ready to help you with any drainage issues. Contact us today on 020 8777 1100 or make an online enquiry to discuss your requirements and learn more about our blocked drain services.

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