The benefits of CCTV surveys

At Clear Rod, we carry out CCTV surveys of pipes and Drainage systems which can accurately identify defects and structural damage of your properties drains.

CCTV technology is the only way to examine drains, sewers and pipelines in close up detail. Our Clear Rod teams only use state of the art industry camera and software technology to carry out our drainage system inspections and reports.

Carrying out a drainage survey by CCTV can also alert you to any potential structural issues such as fractures or collapses and outside drain blockages before they turn into a serious problem. Our team is available to carry out our CCTV inspection at any type of property whether that be residential, industrial or commercial with minimal disruption.

If you are worried about a potential fault, our CCTV surveys give you peace of mind that you know exactly what the problem is as sometimes there may be a more extensive issue that we need to investigate and fix. CCTV surveys provide an insight to inaccessible locations and floating platforms and prove popular for inspection and surveys of underground drains, sewers and other drainage assets without the need for excavation. We can then use the latest technology to fix your unsolved drainage issues and look at the condition of your drainage systems.

Upon visiting your drainage/blockage problem, a member of our team will provide a full, easy to understand report that in addition includes a comprehensive line drawing and DVD. With this we also provide a free face to face quotation for any remedial works recommended that we can help you with following your survey to get your drains back in good working order.

So if you want a cost effective solution to locate and identify your drain problem quickly, call us today on 020 8777 1100 or make an online enquiry.