Preventative measures to keep your drain in good working order.

We carry out various Drains and Drainage Maintenance contracts, which are a preventative measure ensuring drainage is kept in good working order.

Badly maintained drainage systems can eventually lead to blockages that can be a huge hassle in both homes and commercial businesses! Making the effort to take proper care of your drain pipes can prevent any serious problems such as excavations from arising in the first place or the near future.

Our fully qualified team can use rods and electromechanical cleaning to help clear and de-scale any waste pipes and drains. We can help you restore your normal drainage functions by cutting through debris,grease, lime scale and minimising the damage and disruption to your property.

Where high pressure jetting isn’t appropriate, electromechanical cleaning can be an efficient technique to tackle cleaning of large underground drains and internal drainage with narrow pipes such as sinks or toilets. This method not only removes any blockages but also removes any hardened deposits to revive your normal drain condition.

Here at Clear Rod, our cost effective Drain Maintenance contracts can be carried out Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annually or Annually according to your individual needs whether you are a domestic, commercial or industrial client.

Planning your drainage service visits helps to monitor and maintain internal and external drainage assets and reduces the chance of expensive emergency repairs in the future.

Whether it is a blocked drain or just some regular drain maintenance, our drain care specialists are here to help you 24/7 365 days a year. We can work at a time convenient to you and we promise to make sure there is little disruption to your property whilst we work.

For more information on our blocked drain services including drains and drainage maintenance, call us on 020 8777 1100 or make an online enquiry today.